6 Things That Look Like Jesus


The Lord works in mysterious ways. For example, instead of sharing images on Facebook or Instagram, Jesus pops his mug into Cheetos, furniture, and puppy parts. Here are some of our favorite things that look like the Lord:

1. Dog Butt – This photo appeared on Reddit and has spread like the word of God itself around the Internet. The photo isn’t new, but it clearly shows Jesus in a robe adorning the backside of somebodies pet pug. All I have to say is, “Oh my Dog!”

Jesus Dog Butt


2. Cheeto – There have been lots of different Jesus Cheetos, but this is apparently the original “Cheesus.” I’m a big fan of Jesus Cheetos, but I hate all the orange “Cheesus” dust that sticks to my fingers.

Jesus Cheeto


3. Fish Stick Jesus - This makes perfect sense. After all wasn’t it Jesus who said, “Come, and I will make you fishers of men?” Well, then of course he would appear in a burnt fish stick!

Jesus Fishstick


4. Countertop – This is probably the countertop where all of the “Jesus Food” is made. But in all seriousness, this is a pretty cool image of Jesus found in a kitchen countertop. It’s a “marvel in marble.” Hallelujah!

Jesus Marble Countertop


5. Iron - Robes wrinkled? No problem! Get the Jesus Iron! Look your Sunday best everyday with this handy device made in the image of Christ.

Jesus Iron


6. Ashton Kutcher – Even God knows that television is still the best way to reach a large number of people. So, he put his son’s image right there in the Number 1 rated TV sit-com. They should call it Two And a Half Amen.

Ashton Kutcher Jesus

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