7 Amazingly Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers DayI am a Dad.

And, I really like stuff. So when it came to making a list of gifts that YOUR dad/husband/brother/son would REALLY love for Father’s Day I decided not to outsource the task. It took me just a few minutes to come up with things that any dad would appreciate. If you ARE a dad, hell, just buy them for yourself. (That’s what I did!)

Jawbone Jambox - I admit that over the past few weeks I have become slightly obsessed with this thing. I made it the grand prize for my “Hottest Women in Radio 2013” contest. Also, I bought one for myself. (My wife made me save it for Father’s Day.) It’s a portable bluetooth speaker system with INCREDIBLE sound. Also it looks cool. If you have a music-loving Pop who flips for the latest gadgets then this is a no-brainer.

Jawbone Jambox


Meat – Who doesn’t like meat? Filet mignon, hamburgers, prime rib, sausage, bacon. I mean, it’s meat!!! It’s like, the perfect gift! Omaha Steaks has a thousand different combos that you can choose from. Plus, there is no way dad isn’t going to share this one, so you will also reap the rewards. Win-win!

Omaha Steaks


Kroozie – One of the main reasons I don’t enjoy exercising is the lack of places to put my beer. Now that I have a Kroozie, that is no longer a problem. This insulated “cup” holder attaches easily to any bicycle handlebar. It fits bottles, cans, cups. I also use it to stash my wallet, iPhone, or garage door opener when going for a ride around the block. Plus it comes in any color you could possibly imagine. Your dad will never have to ride his bike one-handed again!



Cornhole – I don’t know how I went 38 years without experiencing the utter joy of “Cornhole.” It’s fun to play, it’s more fun to say. I swear I will not let another minute of my life go by without having my own regulation cornhole set. It’s fun to play, it’s more fun to say. It makes me feel like I’m doing something athletic but I don’t have to stop and rest after doing it for 5 minutes. I don’t care if your Dad is an avid “cornholer” or has never played before, this is the gift that will keep on giving. (If any of my offspring are reading this, below is the exact set that I want.)



Swiss Army Watch – My beautiful wife bought me a Swiss Army Watch for my 30th birthday. It has been on my wrist every single day since. It looks just as good as the day I opened it almost a decade ago. For style and performance, nothing beats a Swiss Army Watch. (Does not come with bottle opener, awl, or toothpick.)

Swiss Army Watches


World’s Greatest Dad Mug – Yes, this is a super-cheesy gift. But it’s great because it will make your Dad smile. And, unlike the “World’s Greatest Dad” baseball cap, he never has to take it out of the house!

Worlds's Greatest Dad Mug


Gift Card – If you just can’t pinpoint the perfect gift for your super picky father, then let him pick out his own damn present. I suggest an Amazon.com gift card because, let’s face it, you can buy anything there. Plus it’s delivered electronically so you save money on postage. And, best of all, if he forgets to use it for himself, he may just save it and spend it on you!

Amazon Gift Card

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